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Showing 1–30 of 250 results

Mere om Sculptures and Ceramics

Search for sculptures and other unique works of art here.

Use our search engine to search for the right sculptures and other unique works of art. You can search based on the desired size, artist or price. If you are not targeting a particular artist, you can also browse through sculptures and other works of art, side by side, and let yourself be inspired. The latest works of art are those seen first, and the slightly older ones are seen last. The works of art are thus not sorted by size or artist, but by when they have been registered on the website.

It is a good idea when writing maximum height and width as well as minimum height and width, to give yourself a good margin on the size of the sculpture. It is of great importance to the selection. The same applies when entering the price. Remember to reset the search engine every time you want to make a new search!

Sculptures and works of art as investment or purchased with the heart.

Are you searching for a sculpture as an investment or is it the right gut feeling that is important?

Some look at the sculptures with investment goggles and others let themselves be controlled by the emotions when they look at- and assess works of art. There is no list of facts! That is to say, there is no right or wrong method of selecting works of art and sculptures. What feels right, is right. Then others can think and feel like whatever they do.

There may be great differences in the quality of the various sculptures. The quality of a sculpture can be measured by the craftsmanship, but the artistic content is also a factor. When considering the price of the artworks, the artist's recognition also has influence. Some artists are highly acclaimed, while others are new and unknown. Some artists work at a very high-quality level, while others have more focus on idea and concept. These differences can result in large price fluctuations.

If you are looking for a sculpture or other works of art in a particular fashion, that you do not immediately find on our website, please feel free to contact us by email or phone and we will do, what we can to help.

If you have any questions about a work of art, you are welcome to contact us by mail or telephone and we will be as informational as possible. In some cases, we know the exact story of a sculpture and we like to share it with its future owner.