Art expertise

The family Munkholm has supplied art and Persian rugs for collectors, companies and private families for three generations since 1953. Over the many years, a large network has been built up for Gallery- and art dealer colleagues as well as collectors and artists.

Art expertise does not necessarily have to be a broad theoretical understanding of art and a bachelor’s degree in art history. When one grows up with art all around, lives among artists and works passionately with art every day in a whole human life, one will get some kind of understanding of art, and an opinion about art. This is the kind of art expertise the Munkholm family has collected over four generations.

The artworks can be performed in a variety of media and with different techniques such as: Painting – Sculpture – Graphics – Glassware – Crafts – Gifts – art weavings – art cushions.

Spotting good art is often about gut feeling and being able to see that something is going to be good before it actually is. It is also about seeing if the craftsmanship or the idea is the fundamental element of a work of art.

Art is often over-interpreted and surrounded by snobbery. In Belle we want to take art down to eye level where everyone can join in and dare to look and ask. Then it will become a pleasant experience going to an art exhibition in relaxed surroundings.

In Belle, everyone is welcome, even if they just want to look without buying.

Lecture about running art gallery in the family context for three generations.

The duration of the lecture can be adjusted as desired.

You can book a lecture by Martin Munkholm by sending an e-mail to: or call Belle Art Gallery directly on telephone +45 75 89 73 70